Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for:

1. My family- they make it so hard to enjoy holiday's like this, and it is only because I miss them extremely! I talked with them for a couple hours today, and it only made me sad that I am so far away from the people I love. It's hard not to be there for my brothers, especially since I am the "wise older sister", but I know that they are the best brothers I could ever have asked for and that we have the rest of our lives to stay close with each other. My parents are so supportive of what I do and are so happy that I love my new life, but I could tell my mom was sad I couldn't help her set the table today, and enjoy making all the silly appetizers we found on FoodNetwork.com... My dad even referenced the commercial where the daughter calls the parents to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving, and ends up on their door step to surprise them. I wish I could even come close to doing that, but I will see them over the Christmas holiday (so excited!!!!) Today is a time to be with family and even though I miss them so much, I am retardedly thankful that they are in my life.

2. My Friends- New and Old friends make me thankful today. I can't explain how I will never find friendships like I have with my friends from Naperville. Although I have very few that are still extremely close, I know that the friends I have kept even living so far away, are ones to have forever and I am extremely lucky for Savannah, Karleen, and Tisleen. Now my newer friends I have made from living here, are a good distraction from missing my other friends. I am so lucky to find genuine people that I care about and honestly care about me too. Plus they make the whole "going out" thing a lot more fun than if I was all by myself :P

3. Stupid Late Night Shows- Since I am rarely home during the day or even the night, I get a chance to only enjoy watching the late night shows on tv. They usually are the ones that help me fall asleep or usually put me to sleep. Is it sad that I enjoy HGTV so much because of Property Virgins and Lifetime because they always have How I Met Your Mother on when I get home? I think since I've been allowed to have a tv in my room (woo hoo 21st Birthday present) I now can only fall asleep to the sound of a sitcom or infomercial.

4. Bud- Although we aren't necessarily close to each other distance wise, I find comfort in knowing that if I've had a good or bad day, I can share it with someone who is actually listening and usually can brighten the bad days quite quickly. I smile more when he's around.

5. Recipe Books- Once I finally have a lifetime to practice these delicious meals I find in magazines, online, or from my own mom's recipes, I will probably be a gourmet chef. My speciality? Beef & Potato tacos... YUM. Maybe not gourmet, but I never was a 5 star kind of girl.

6. California- particularly Southern California for now, but hopefully I'll have a chance to experience the beauty of my birth town in Northern Cali sometime soon. Even though CA has broken my face out and experienced my first car accident with me, I still enjoy every minute I have here. Now that I live close to the beach, I am even more thankful for what I never had as a kid. Normally I am sick for 8-9 months straight, starting with September and moving all through Fall, Winter, and Spring. Here, I JUST started getting sick.. and it's the beginning of December! Even though that isn't quite an amazing difference, to me it is. Hopefully I'll be able to kick this sickness' ass in the near future, and I can brag about how great California is again.

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