The past weekend? "slightly-but not really-an amazing-but crazy-and totally worth it" weekend. It maybe didn't necessarily go as planned, but nothing really does, or should. I was AMAZING at golf. I just think that is probably the most important thing that came out of this time! haha. I am someone that actually prides myself and being decent at a lot of things. That is usually because I'm not extremely good at anything.. so being decent is good enough for me. I whooped some ass, and had some amazing shots. The boys were even impressed a little. I'll take that as a victory. Another victory would be the amazing "behind the back" throw in beer pong on Friday. If it is not obvious, I suck at beer pong...except for that very night. No one would be my partner in college (not even my boyfriends at the time) because they didn't want to lose. And I have no words for Friday other than "champion" so everyone can suck it. I also would like to assume that I gave a good impression to his dad, even though I don't know for sure. It usually takes a few times for people to warm up to me, or more so me to them, but it seemed "peachy" just chatting about a lot of things and nothing in particular.

There were CLEARLY some not so amazing things including:
(1) Kendra's iPhone breaking on Friday night
(2) Buying Kendra a new screen ($$$ ahh!)
(3) Being overly drunk and things
(4) Work :(
(5) Bud being sick... for the whole trip
(6) Me starting to get sick
(7) Tripping out
(8) Muscle spasms
(9) Monday morning... aka having to go home

It was worth it nonetheless. This week has been a crazy mess after he left. My blow dryer got stolen on Tuesday at school. I hate people that steal for the fun of it, and I know this because we ALL have the same "tools" at school. So the question is, WHY WOULD SOMEONE STEAL SOMETHING THEY ALREADY HAVE?? Answer: for the fun of it. I use to have friends in college that did that, but at stores in the mall, etc. Such a stupid excuse for a human-being. (On a side note: I went to the police station today and filled out a police report... I have a detective on the case, and finally get to check out the security tapes). Since then, I've become the epitome of a "resistor". In school they talk about how everyone should try to be a "visionary" and keep a positive attitude. I am pretty good at that, and even when I'm having a not as good day, I some how find myself trying to make other people's days better. Even on the bad day, I'm only a "fence sitter"... but this week.. full fledged RESISTOR. I didn't pay attention in class, I didn't want to take clients, I talked back to teachers. It's ridiculous that I allowed some petty thieve to change the way I live my day-to-day life. Luckily after my personal motivational speaker got to me, I've changed my bad behavior.

This weekend will be filled with extremely busy things.. aka work. and I am/am not looking forward to it. I can't decide yet, but I'm off to bed because the "New Moon" tickets were all sold out... I'll have to enjoy a theatre full of teeny boppers at another time.

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