Today my parents get here... I AM SO EXCITED. I haven't seen my parents in 6 months-ish, and I'm going crazy without them. My brother left for San Diego on Friday night after we had dinner with our grandparents on my mom's side. We went to dinner at Cucina Alessa (where I work) and it was delicious. It's funny that one of the only nights I had off, I spent it at the restaurant. My brother should be back Monday, I know I miss him, but I can't hog him from his best friend.

Kendra and I went out on Friday with Jesse and had a great time. We can't remember much after Gallager's and we can thank him for that.. I think the drink after drink after shot did us in. We still had so much fun, but spent most of our next day in bed. Last night we went out again after I finished at work. That is one thing that Kendra and I have.. we love to dance, and we love going out together. We are wingmen for each other and c_ _ _ blockers when needed! haha.

The rest of this week will go great I'm sure. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with my other friend Jesse (weird right?) when he's done with work. It's awesome having a friend to hang out with and talk about all types of stupid stuff. Mostly one that likes to make fun of me until I punch him to stop. And this week, me and my brothers are going to Disneyland :) Can't wait!

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