alright, new feelings. I'm happy my brother is here. we've had some fun already and he's only been here two and a half days. I'm interested in how the rest of the week will go. I'm releaved that my assumptions were wrong, although my assumptions lead to me actually realizing what is best for me. I'm a little sad, but that was to be expected.. I am a girl :) I am excited for my parents to get here, and for Bud to be here. All of the above are great. I'm nervous for Friday with bouncer. I'm confused of what I'm doing right now, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. I'm less sad with my brother here. I'm ready for something.. I just don't know what yet.

Is it weird that I feel the need to listen to songs that make me feel sad? yes or no. haha... so wrong.

Me and my brother have had so much fun... House M.D. Season 4, Shots, A Lot of Beaches, Brunch/AYCE Sushi/Italian, Trying to find a fast food restaurant open past 1:30am, Tamale Making, Family time, Sarah & David's House, Video Juegos, etc etc. So much more to come, I can't wait. Until then... we have Ugly Sweater Bowling tomorrow night.. have to go shopping tomorrow.. Salvation Army, here we come!

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