As a sister, I have a duty to my siblings. I luckily have two younger, very great brothers. Even though they may not look up to me (since I'm officially shorter than both of them), I still assume that they will take my advice. I am someone who would like to think I have a couple of life's notches under my belt, and I plan to share them with my brother's, in order for them to learn from not only their own mistakes but mine as well. Relationships haven't always been my strong point. I am much more of a "give great advice to others, but have trouble taking my own" kind of person. With that being said, I still love every experience I've had in that department, because it is kind of fun to just fly by the seat of your pants and fall head over heels, or find yourself curled in a ball after a break up. High's and Low's are apart of life, and now that I am "wise" (haha just kidding), I find that I can enjoy every aspect of relationships. So when I talk with my brother's about relationships, I hope they at least listen and take my advice as not only a sister, but someone that is looking for their happiness for them.

Both of my brother's have maybe not chosen the best girls yet. A couple of them weren't bad, and not that these girls are terrible people either. I just think they are not good enough for my brothers and really not good for a relationship with either of them. I know that its typical for a sister to believe that NO ONE is good enough, but I truly believe when I see my brothers with someone that treats them right, and he loves and vis versa, I will be nothing but happy. That being said, my oldest younger brother is traveling to Florence in the Fall to study abroad. It is something I always wished I would have done if I would have stuck with school. It is going to be such a great time. I think when studying abroad (at least what I've heard from friends who have) you really have an opportunity to find yourself. You are in a new country, with different types of people, and new surroundings, and just allow yourself to take everything in.. and be selfish. If there is ever a time to be selfish, it is in your twenties, or before you have to have a real job. Right now, I'm enjoying being selfish and hanging out with my friends and enjoying all of the people I meet.. I would love my brothers to do the same.

His on and off again girlfriend will ALSO be traveling to Florence around that time. I don't have words for what I feel about this. It left me speechless at first when I found out. "We just so happen to be going at the same time..." my brother said. My anger towards this poorly covered situation is at it's highest level. When my brother came to visit over Christmas break, we talked.. A LOT. From conversing we were able to help each other... and I was pretty sure he had decided that she wasn't good for him. No, not even pretty sure. Definitely sure. I consider it a situation like this; a battered woman who wont leave their man, or a comfortable situation that you can't get away from. I will leave it at that, a situation that is based on not knowing how to get out, and I hope eventually, when possible, he will leave.

Side note: Last night was the first time I was called "Jesse's girl" at Killarney's. Although I eventually knew that it would spread like a wildfire (everyone knows EVERYONE there), when I'm walking into a bar, I usually never expect an 80's song to be sang to me by a large bearded guy. Rocked the vocals though...

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