I think it is impossible for me and Kendra to go a get "a drink at a bar". Literally impossible.

School has been a drag, only because we had speakers ALL DAY on Wednesday. I can imagine if we actually took clients or were productive, but nothing of that sort occurred. Our plans were simple: Go to Dave & Buster's, after going to the gym and having pizza. We also had planned to stop by one of the new places we are hoping to move into. (that's another post). No gym. No D&B. Plus "getting a drink at our bar". It's funny that we find ourselves always going there, even when there are a good amount of bars in downtown HB. It could be that we never have a problem getting in, or that we like to dance our asses off to their music, or that we know a shit ton of people that work there. Either way, we love that place. We've never gone at 7:30pm though, for good reason I'm sure. It was dead, but luckily (and unluckily) the Laker's were playing the Clippers last night. One drink turned into 5 beers & 3 shots, an hour and a half later. It's legit, IF IT WASN'T a school night. They had duelling pianos too, and we sang a long to "Benny & the Jets" and "Sweet Caroline" along with other great oldies. We even heard "Someone Like You", which was unexpected but awesome.

I can't decide if they got us drunk because we are two cute girls alone in a bar, or because I know Jesse. He wasn't working, although we do know a lot of people that work there. It is possible, that they just like us. But we assumed it was because of Jesse. Once the Laker's lost, we found ourselves stumbling home and taking a million pictures (it happens to be my favorite thing to do regardless if I am sober or not). Rounded out the night with Wii Bowling with Jesse. He's going out of town to visit his old home, and he'll be gone for a week. Kind of a bummer, since I enjoy his time, but I'll see him when he gets back. As for me, I have work... and have much more to write about. It's refreshing getting it all out.


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