New Year's Eve ended up being a blast! Although I had a run in with my boss at work, I was able to leave and be downtown by 11ish. Kendra & I tried to figure out what our plans were all day, and we ended up in are usual place. Downtown Huntington has been good to us and there is no reason to stray from that. Since 301 wouldn't let me in and there was a cover charge (are you joking?!) we made our way to our bar. It's funny because it's always been our favorite place, and we go and dance our asses off. A lot of the staff knows us, but I figured out HOW MUCH of alcoholics we must look like, because we don't even show our ID's anymore. That's kind of how it was this summer... and I had gotten use to it, until there was a new door guy, and since then, we've always showed them. It was extremely packed, but we enjoyed dancing and having fun. It was a perk that both of us had midnight kisses, but it was New Year's Eve, we would have probably had them anyways.

Then I heard from Bud. Right before the ball dropped. Efficient, but not exactly what I expected... Kendra and I left the bar & went to say hi to him & Alex. It's funny and sad at the same time, when you see someone and remember the good and stupid times, and they even out. Now it's not to say that in reality they equal out, but when there is only stupid things for the past couple weeks, THEY EVEN OUT. Kendra & I talk about EVERYTHING, we're basically attached at the hip, and when a friend says "are you kidding me? how convenient" then I know their is something wrong. Cordial was all I could be, because I still couldn't believe I had seen him. Little did I know, that would probably be the last time I saw him, since I haven't heard from him since then. How grown up.

I go back to school tomorrow, which is great because I am super ready. I hope I am still good at my craft. I only did two hair cuts over the past 3 weeks... so I've got some catching up to do. And I am on a silly sleep schedule... Jesse doesn't get off work til 2:30-3 am some nights.. so I don't wake up til 11:00 every morning. Have to get back to waking up at 7:30am! ahh, HELP.

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