i am an extreme procrastinator, or the fact that I am working and going to school AND trying to fit a social life in there some where! Tonight, I am in bed after eating take out from my job and watching LA Ink, instead of partying like a normal Saturday. I'm alright with a night off because I'm just getting sick AGAIN. It is a never ending cycle... I'm already aware.

Since it's been a while, I will briefly update:
- I'm feeling sooo comfortable at school. My friends and co-workers are making there way into the school to get their hair done, and I'm doing such a great job! I honestly can say that I am feeling SO much more comfortable with a pair of shears in my hand.
- I am still having an amazing time with Jesse. It's nice to have someone that enjoys just laying around on a Sunday afternoon and watching Arrested Development (I'm HOOKED) or nothing at all. We went on a date last Wednesday, to watch Book of Eli and have a couple beers before. It was an EXTREMELY late movie, I found myself dozing off every so often, but over all, great movie. We just have an extreme amount of fun together, we're trying to find time to go camping or just enjoy the beach. We'll probably end up in the back of his truck with blankets and pillows, parked in the parking lot, because we never have a completely free night!
- Kendra, Christine & I are still looking for places... we're going down to the wire. We have barely 2 weeks. Gotta get on that! The one that we've found so far, we're hoping for it. I get there master bedroom (woop woop) so there is no complaining there!

This past week, I was fortunate enough to go to Caper for PMTS. It was more than I could even explain or expect. There will be an entire post dedicated to this, probably tomorrow. I met every mentor I have and have made more connections with them than ever. There was a white party and the most extreme hands-on classes I could ever expect. I am so inspired and can not wait to get back to school on Monday! Time for bed, g'night...


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