I always go on kicks of writing in my blog until I overwork myself with school and work. It has been FOREVER since I've been on here. I hate that, because then I try to go through my week and remember what happened. Last week I worked 6 days... I seriously NEVER want to do that again. Although I did happen to save enough money for rent last week! Maybe I'll just suck it up every once in a while! Kendra and I have also been able to balance our work life and "fun" life. We have no officially made friends with EVERYONE at Killarney's. Even the girls that didn't like Kendra because she is pretty and their boyfriends watch. It's nice to have a friend like her, when I am with her, I feel better. She is a genuine friend and I feel like whenever I would need her, she would be here with me. And of course, VIS VERSA! It's nice being so far away from home, and be able to have another best friend "added to my wolfpack" haha.

We've been looking for places like CRAZY. Kendra, Christine, and I are moving out March 1st. It is so exciting and I honestly can NOT wait. I know that locks me into Orange County for another year, but so far I'm enjoying myself here. It is so difficult though, we want to put a deposit down on a place soon, but financially it is impossible. I have been more responsible with my money since I was forced to grow up in college. I worked and went to school, and lived off pay check to pay check. I would even skip my last few classes during the end of the month, just to pick up shifts so I could live in my apartment. Sad I know, but it taught me to prioritize and save money when I can. With Caper coming up in less than 3 weeks, I want to enjoy my time there and not have to worry about what I can and can't do while I'm there. I will figure out our deposit another time!

I saw Bud the day before he went back to Colorado. It was a surprise to say the least that I would see him, let alone want to see him. It sounds dramatic, and for a while it may have been, but I've been trying to let any bad feelings go. Majority of my friends think I'm an idiot, even some of my family, but I know what is right for myself. Once I saw him, I felt how I use to, and maybe he'll always have that over me, but it was nice to see him. He then told me he's back into town the 25th of this month. 5 DAYS?! Well that isn't much time to get my priorities in order, and even just a month ago I would have been so excited. I can't decide what I am, but I know that either way, we're always going to be in each other's life. He's helped me a lot when I've needed it and vis versa. I'd like to think that, this alone would be enough reason to be life long friends. I'll enjoy my time until there isn't anymore...

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