I have gone in to my first sickness of 2010. It may have to do with Karma (I promise I wont kiss him again... ok maybe no promises!) but I could only imagine that I'd be sick after this crazy weather. We've had basically Hurricane Katrina and Monsoon City all around Orange County. It is crazy, and normally I'd be all excited for rain, one of my FAVORITE things ever. Right about now, I'm biting my tongue. The past two day's have been so hard to get to school. Today I took the day off of school and work, and I am stuck in my bed eating Fruity Pebbles and overloading on Dayquil, Super B-Complex, Multivitamins, and H2O. I stopped by the store today to pick up all of those because Jesse told me it would probably make me feel better, plus stop me from getting sick again and keep my immune system healthy. He's all about the "vitamins".

Yesterday I went with Kendra to visit her parents condo. We had ribs and mashed potatoes and played Scategories. I also got a text from Jesse asking if I was home... little did I know, he was bring me chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl and vitamins to make me feel better. SERIOUSLY? How did I get so lucky. Once I was home and had my soup and watched a little tv, Jesse came by just to see how I was feeling and watched "Knocked Up" with me. Super awesome guy, I hope I feel better by the time we go hiking tomorrow.

Tonight I will be taking it easy, even though it is a Friday. I'm sure Kendra will want to go out, and I'd LOVE to, but my body will hate me tomorrow if I do. Movies & hot coco for me tonight might be my remedy!

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