I became bored with this silly device of connection to people. I've been busy, it's not worth the update. I've been living such a great chapter of my life recently. I'm excited about school again (even tho I write this during a rather boring theory class), and I am in love, I couldn't have better friends, and I am in the process of getting a new job and getting back on track. I have so much to look forward to in the coming months that I plan to keep myself on top of things. I applied at El Ranchito yesterday. The held open interviews but I have an "in" because my friend, lindsay, works there. Even Jesse applied too, to get a second job to save up for our trip. We're going on a roadtrip. This was a drunk idea turned good idea within a few minutes. I am NOT someone that finds myself wanting to explore and just pick up and leave for a few months. It's crazy, and i'm scared not only for the fact that I am away from my best friend, but also the "close quarters" Jesse and I will be living in (aka my car/tent). It will be our test to see if we can survive this witout literally killing each other. He is the one person, however, that I do think I can get through this with. We still have a LOT of planning to do, but I look forward to this with so much excitement!

This evening, I will be making my way to a local happy hour wit Nikki and maybe a few other friends. It is Friday and since I don't have to work, I plan to celebrate. I passed my second stateboard written exam. We have to pass two in order to graduate, and since it won't be August until I graduate, I finished in quite a fast amount of time. Also,I am trying to plan my birthday. 2 Weeks from Sunday, I will be 23. I know I will be celebrating with mother's all over the country, and thanking God that i'm only celebrating my age (haha), but I can't wait. Birthdays are so important to me, I can't believe i've almost lived here an entire year. This year is a celebration of the strong person I have become and all of the amazing adventures i've experienced and the one's that are to come. 


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