So, still no luck on the job front along with no word on the condo search either. I have two more places to go today and hopefully will be putting in offers this afternoon. I'm getting so skittish just waiting for a job, a condo, school to start, etc. It's almost ridiculous on a new level.

Just saw Terminator Salvation last night with my aunt. It was mind-blowing, action crazed, had a seizure watching it type of movie. I am some times skeptical about movies like that, but i love Christian Bale (he's a whole lot of hotness) and it was for sure worth the $10. Yes, $10 for a movie... maybe California is really trying to rob me for all I'm worth. But I'd for sure recommend that movie to anyone.

I'm on my way to church with my "roommates" in just a few minutes. I joined the choir, which is pretty exciting for me personally. I'm definitely one to think I rock at singing when I'm by myself, and then suck when I'm in front of others (on a side note: I guess when I was karaokein g a few nights ago, I though I rocked... jumping on the speakers and all). So my first rehearsal is this Wednesday. Hopefully they like what I can bring to the table.


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