After checking out confessionsofanenginerd blog on how sweets are the little bit of devil in all of us, it reminded me of my own demons. Since moving to Cali, and even about the month before, I've been in work out mode constantly. I have also tried to eat better, even giving up the ever glorious dessert. I think candy was the hardest part... for some reason I can't even get enough sour candy, even when my taste buds go numb. I also joined 24 hour fitness and have definitely gone EVERYDAY (I'm impressed myself) and you get one free training session and a nutrition layout from one of their trainers when you sign up. I decided to get my nutrition layout today and figured my good eating would be exactly what I need to stay trim. I was wrong, on so many levels.

There is one thing I will never give up, and that was one of the biggest things on the "No list". NO ALCOHOL! So this seems like I'm an alcoholic, which at times I may walk a thin line, but I love just sitting out in my pool or our patio and sipping on the deliciousness of summer. Also my favorite time of day will go to a waste, how can you do a Happy Hour without being Happy? My aunt and I have come up with so many awesome fresh fruit mojitos & margaritas. How can I possibly give that up?! The trainer said that I shouldn't have more than 2 drinks a night, only once or twice a week. Once I start school, that will probably seem more realistic, but wtf. I think I'd rather be fat on some sort of level.

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