First day of work today... except it's not even at my job. I'm helping my cousin launch his new company and in return I get paid & free appitizers :) the food actually sounds better right about now. Tonight is the actual start of my training at BJ's. Super pumped for sure because everyday my money gets smaller & smaller and I'm bored doing nothing all day.

School starts on Tuesday, so everything will hopefully fall into place before then. The loan company accidently sent me the check for my tuition, and I had plenty of ideas of what I could do with that money. Me and my aunt decided we could double it in Vegas and it would be well worth it! It's weird that everything is just starting, and I think I've really realized that I live here now. Haven't had a sad day yet though, so this was definitely the right move. It's almost like a starting over, and so far it's been great.

Me & Sarah met a Kelly Slater look-a-like at one of the bars we were at Thursday afternoon. And he even said he'd teach us (aka just me because Sarah can rock the board) to surf if we ever wanted. That day was insane with the amount of Margarita's that were sipped on, and we even played Wii Bowling at the bar too... with 2 high school graduate girls from AZ. Oh to be in high school again.

I'm considering getting a new phone today too, the new Palm Pre came out and I've been waiting months for it. Palms are definitely > lame iPhones. It will be weird though if they make me change my area code to OC because I don't know if I'm ready to give up all that's left of my old life. Maybe today will be the day i cry.

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