I have become terrible at remembering to write down my thoughts. It's times like these were I am done getting ready for school at 7:35 am that I realize, "I think I'll blog". I'm excited for what God has put in front of me in the near near future and all of the opportunities I have received already. I am going to be a model in a hair fashion show! Now not a "anorexic, tiny, should eat something, but hot" model, but a model nonetheless. It is for a salon that is putting on a fashion show and I got picked out of my core class.

Also I have been meeting some of the most amazing people and I've only lived here for a month. The guys and girls in my school are totally rad, and people from my work/church are pretty cool too. Just hanging out with a few of them already, I am excited for these new friendships. My choir for church is putting out a CD too, and I might get to do a solo. I am not the type to toot my own horn at singing, but if I even get the chance to do one, I'll know I deserved it. I think I should learn how to read music though, if that day does ever come.

We have a "dream board" due on Friday for school. Basically if you physically look at your dreams every day, there is a higher chance that they will come true. It's cool because I still have a lot of the same dreams I have always had but a lot of new things I would love in my life. It's got me thinking about what I truly wish for my life:
1. Pass State boards 1st time
2. Travel after I graduate
3. Work in a fashion show (check!)
4. Find love
5. my own Bravo TV Show

The list is endless, and I plan on completing ALL of my dreams :)

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