I have had more than my share of a busy schedule this week. So busy that I am actually typing this while I wait in my car at a red light. Although I definitely need a nap for a whole day, this has already been one of my best weeks ever, in school I was able to use my AMAZING skills in updo's and prove I'm already at the top of my class (I will post some pictures tomorrow) I've already made a few good friends too just through school and surprisingly there has been NO cattiness even with 16 girls in the room, also every single girl has found a new way to "love God" because one of our core leaders looks like a new styled, HOT Jesus. Pretty lucky to be in a profession with over 80% girls.

I am also at the end of my training at BJ's tonight, so I can FINALLY make some moolah! It's weird living in a state where servers make $8/hr plus tip and HAVE TO take a 30 minute break to eat (required by law) before you work for 5 hours. I love California! I haven't had anytime to do much other than school, work, and my church's music ministry... So hopefully eventually I will have time for myself without having a mental breakdown first. 

I also finally got a new phone; the Palm Pre. It's super bomb and way way way better than the iPhone, tomorrow's my only full day off so I plan to be in PJ's for a while, do lunch with my other gmoney's (grandparents) and margs for happy hour. Hallelujah!


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