Today was another day at school... less exciting than normal because we had to learn theory of color. It's cool to find out things about color and mixing but sitting for hours upon hours taking notes off a whiteboard! And we write with markers because supposedly we learn 20% more than if you just write notes in pen. I already feel smarter than I did in college, and definitely know I made a better decision going to beauty school. It's a good fit. Also, I'm pretty sure during this week I will have my first experiments with color, and since I won a facial (woo hoo) for our skin academy, I will definitely be using that as well.

Tomorrow, instead of going to school, we are having a scavenger hunt and going to take pictures of all the things we have to find. We get hours for hanging out and probably going to happy hour after it's all said and done! I'm sure it will be fun, and I've already met some really cool people so it will be nice to hangout outside of school.

My schedule for work is all screwed up this week, so I'm pretty sure that I'll be working 1 night at least. I was hoping to help replenish my bank account this week, but no such luck yet. Now time for movies into the wee hours of the night (or True Blood, I can't decide!) even though I'll be getting ready for school at 6:40am.

P.S. Laker's are the CHAMPIONS! Has a nice "RING" to it :)

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