It is official... I have bought my very first car! My beautiful Saturn Vue is now my pride and joy. It definitely suits me well I think! I'm not one to name things that aren't living a breathing, but I am on my way to giving this roadster a quality name... TBD. Driving away from the lot today was so bittersweet, I couldn't be more excited but it also was the beginning of being a CA license plate holder. It's like my old life (aka Chicago) is slowly going away. I will ALWAYS keep my cell phone number though, or as long as I possibly can!

Sarah and David joined me for Sushi happy hour at RA. I could probably eat sushi EVERY DAY and the fact that it is 1/2 price on basically everything, it only gives me more reason to celebrate my favorite hour(s). And I have never been to a place that does $1 hot sake... I mean common, I have to order more than one at a time. It's just smart thinking. Also encountered my FIRST shake from Ruby's. All the beautiful Peanut Butter Cup Shake I could ask for was placed directly in front of me. That nice little waitress in the red/white striped dress knew exactly what I needed after a solid sake buzz. And ending a night with Nintendo Wii only leads to the reason of why I have such an amazing life.

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I had another "big girl" adventure today after school. On to buy my first car (since my previous vehicle.. may it rest in peace... was a present on my 17th birthday) and I am not really into this bargaining thing. I don't even know how to play the "car game" with car salesmen, so I had my cousin David do the big business. This is the time i wish my dad was in CA with me. He's all about getting the best dealio. Tomorrow David is going to call and swap numbers with the guy and hopefully I will be picking up my car tomorrow! Although the accident isn't a good reason to be excited about a new car, I can't help it :)

I had such great plans for the evening, possibly watching Finding Nemo on the beach (jealous?) or bowling with my roommates and a few new friends... all of these wonderful things fell through. I might just be enjoying Talladega Nights via my computer due to my broken DVD player for just a few laughs. I think I caught myself quoting that movie at least 3 times today.

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i am absolutely in love with skype. the end <3 .



This weekend was eventful. Scott came to town and played on Main with David, Sarah, Kendra, and I. I will say, the hazy night I was searching for definitely happened. I felt so bad, and still do, about leaving my precious roomie all alone at a bar as i "ran" home with Scott. I do this amazing thing when I'm drunk, where running/skipping is always a better way to get home. This time I chose to run. It was fun otherwise, and we had amazing french toast the next morning at Sharkee's.

Sunday was spent enjoying the beach. That is one thing I will never get sick of. Since I was so deprived for YEARS among YEARS, all I want to do is be at the beach. Me and Christine were their for 5 hours, and I returned burnt. That is something I could live without, or possibly I will wear the proper SPF next time. Such a lazy Sunday.

Since my rental is up by the end of the week, I am in crazy mode to find a car. I test drove about 6 cars today and feel like I could have bought any of those cars. It's going to have to become more serious by tomorrow or Wednesday or I'll be walking to school every morning. Then I followed up the rest of my day with beach fun again, hoping it would respect me a bit more this time around. Met Sarah and little Hannah for boogey boarding and lots of laying out. Also enjoyed a PB&J. After going to the gym today and hearing about how bad sodium is for a diet, that will probably be one of my last yummy lunches. RIP PB&J :(

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I'm ready for a good night. I've already had a great day too (not even sarcastically) and I need it to roll over into the evening. A night with my roomies will definitely only lead to a better night :) Worked out and even ate fairly well for dinner (yummy bean, cheese and bell pepper quesadillas)We're off to an irish pub in Newport and then to Main. I look forward to a hazy evening...


The week is slowly coming to a close. I have been keeping myself busy with school and job hunting and making new friends. I had an interview Wednesday night at Beachfront and it seems like I should be getting a call back from them on Monday! Although I would rather not work and make millions off a money tree, realistically the money tree doesn't exist :( I also made a game plan for school to basically whoop my ass into shape. I get so nervous with taking clients and I am always being hard on myself. I get to have a mentor in order to keep myself on track and really utilize my time at school. I think with a bit more self-confidence I will really make beautiful work at school!

My roommate introduced me to her close friends in HB. I am so used to have guy friends since I was young because I've normally been a tomboy. Once I grew up, I dolled up, but kept the same sex friends throwing a few girls into the bunch. To meet a few guys that are actually cool, in a non threatening way, was one of the best things that occurred recently. It's always comforting to have a guy around, almost like a protective base to lean on. I look forward to the trouble we will all be getting into after last nights shenanigans with "Gentleman's Jack".

This weekend will be rad with my friend Scott coming into town. I actually cleaned my room (which is a huge thing anyways, and it definitely needed to get done!) I haven't seen him since the 4th, and I would say that was one of my craziest weekends since I moved here. Scott was with me when I drunkenly got my last tattoo. Hopefully I wont talk myself into getting my next one while he's here, or be tipsy enough to do it on my own!

I am in the process of being inpatient for Bud to come back into town. Colorado needs to be closer to CA for many reasons, just minus the very cold temperatures.

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It has been just over a week after the accident, and things are starting to get back to normal. I actually feel fine getting in a car now and in the process of looking at a new car. It's weird because I was in a total funk until Friday Night. I couldn't even get up to go to school for 3 days. I actually barely left the house/my room for those few days. SO WEIRD what things can do to you. My back and neck were messed up but I was just exhausted and was sick as well. I think my immune system just decided to breakdown? But my mom bought me a massage and I got over it.

Thursday was a promo party for my roommate's best friends PR group. It was burlesque themed and if there is any excuse to go out and dress up, I make sure I attend. It was great because we were able to sit in VIP whenever we wanted. The perks of knowing the right people I assume :) It was such a great time for me and my roommates, we danced and drank all night, and definitely paid for it in the morning! And the absurd amount of pictures I take on my phone when I'm drinking... I am no longer just a drunk texter, I have now become a drunk picture taker. I think I had over 100 photos from that night, and 80% of them were deleted.

Friday my aunt Lisa came to visit my house. Now that she's a single lady, we'll be able to go out and have fun more often :) I can't wait to take her out in HB. We went and had dinner & I had my first experience with Pinkberry. (for those unaware, Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt place only in CA) I am Ms. Frozen Yogurt of California, and possibly the world, so I'd probably give it a 8/10. We also went and saw Time Traveler's Wife and G.I. Joe. Let's just say TTW was awesome and I didn't even cry like I thought I would (which is a plus), and G.I. Joe was retardedly corny and not my favorite. No matter how hot Channing Tatum is, he should never open his mouth to act, ever.

I had another wonderful weekend at Sarah & David's including frying myself in the sun, american idol karaoke, myspace karaoke (don't ask), impossibly late telephone "calls" (I had a CRAZY dream after that), and butt breaking bike rides... Does anyone notice that bike seats are ultra uncomfortable, and since I rarely ride bikes, I may have caused permanent damage! joking. They are moving soon so we have to make the most out of our last few weeks at their place! And Sarah & I were ultra impressed with out drinking skills Saturday, including a whole bottle of Smirnoff and an 18-pk of Bud Light Lime. Champs...

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When I thought that California didn't have a bad bone in its body, it decided to get me into an accident. (Sorry CA, I know you had nothing to do with this!!!)

Saturday after school, I had already had a pretty rough day. Planned on skipping out on my diet for In-N-Out and party all night at my bonfire on the beach. I was rudely mistaken, and some higher power had other plans for me.

When I moved here I was pretty sure my significant allergies would pass, dry weather is just so much better than humidity, so I figured I was in the clear. My eyes watered and I felt a sneeze approaching. When I open my eyes, I saw a car within 10 ft of me, while I was still going 40 mph. Slamming on the breaks, expecting to literally die, and getting a facial from the airbags, came within a 2 second period. My car hit one car, who hit another car. TOTALED. I totaled my car on the way to one of my favorite fast food restaurants... most expensive burger i never had.

Saddest day of my life, and luckily no one was hurt, I already had a bad back, so I can't decided if the accident made it worse. Along with my neck. It is crazy what can happen to you when life takes over.

My wonderful cousin and his girlfriend came to the rescue and proceeded to at least keep some of my plans afloat. Drunk doesn't even come close to what I was... but now that I'm back to reality and already got back in the driver seat, I can't thank God and the people that mean so much to me enough. For now I will just keep my mind at ease by indulging in Season 2 of Big Love.

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So far my new place (and roommates) are amazing! Last night was Taco Tuesday, and I would never miss an opportunity to get cheap tacos and drinks on a school night. I am usually all about ground beef or chicken and maybe sometimes carne asada tacos, but I introduced myself to grilled shrimp tacos and was pleasantly surprised! I will definitely be trying those out at home this weekend :)

Now that I actually have my own kitchen, I've been cooking all of my meals and putting my chef specialties up to the test. I'm really liking the Spicy Chicken with veggies that I've now had for 3 days in a row. I'm excited for Ground Turkey/Potato tacos that I will venture to try on Friday.

My roommate, Kendra, and I go to school together and we have a beach day on the 26th to cut hair for locals and to raise money for a good cause. Since it will still be bathing suit weather (side note: I don't think it will ever NOT be bathing suit weather here by the way...) we want to make sure we are extra fit! I am not a fan of working out, and I've even started the P90X work out with my friend Sarah, but I was proud of us today. We were at the gym for 2 hours, and not just lolly-gagging around, actually working my ass off (possibly literally). Beach day here we come!

Tomorrow is the first preseason game for the NFL and after school I'm meeting Sarah at the beach for more chances to be tan, and then off to the local hangouts for the game. SOOO excited for football to begin again. Off to shower from the gym, and take notes for our theory exam on Friday (I know, theory in cosmetology school sounds lame, but it's actually pretty interesting).

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I have officially made my mark as a So Cal girl by moving into a beach house :) My friend Kendra from school invited me to stay (for a small price) in her house with her & her two friends until I need to move. A 10 minute walk to Huntington is one of the many great perks, although I've experienced an all over body burn just from the past two days. I guess I'm not as Mexican as I claim...

I also decided since I was making less money than I was spending at my job, that I would put in my two weeks, which in return made my boss mad, so he "fired" me. Typically what I've noticed about Orange County boys/men is that they enjoy having the last laugh. Case and point, and now back to the drawing board, time to find a new job.

Anyways, My house is awesome. We have two pit bull mixes; Ollie (9 months) and Lucy (8 months), and a cat. Not only am I known for bruising like a peach, it doesn't help that the dogs are in "we jump on anyone that's new" phase. I think people would believe I was mulled by a dog, or at least that's what someone told me at the beach yesterday. Not only is having my own/shared place bomb, I can also come and go as I please, which is different from how my grandparents place was. We had our "last supper" last night, and I could tell they were still upset that I moved. Honestly I feel so much less stressed, and I can actually use my computer because it OFFICIALLY hooks up to the Internet here. THANK GOD. Now we just need to get cable and I'm all set :)

This week is the beginning of our time "on the floor" at school, which all in all means "watch out, I might screw up your hair, but you signed a release form, so not my fault". I will die the first time I have to take a client, but it will only make me better... I hope.

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