I have finally gotten sick. thank you mother nature and all that CA was suppose to NOT be like. I turned my heated seats on yesterday, and when I finally get out of bed, today I will too. No school for me, I'm sick as a dog. Is it possible to get rid of a cold/sinus infection in 8 hours or so?

I lost my keys yesterday, so this is day two of not going to school. I'm slightly disappointed in myself, but I have next week. And make up hours with design team. Chris picked me and Christine up for lunch and fro yo yesterday. He's the best wifey ever... especially because of the fro yo. One of my FAVORITE things ever. Christine said her work makes cakes out of gelato... good enough for me. I think I will make a holiday up so we can celebrate Gelato style.

John Elway came to Cucina Alessa last night. I remember watching him when I was little and hearing my dad and his friends cheer for him. It's weird to think I see people like that all the time here, and never once when i lived in Chicago. I did see Michael Jordan once though.

My tip "cat" my mom sent me is starting to get full. I think soon I'll be able to get to use some of it to fly to CO to see Bud. It feels like it's been forever, but surprisingly not as difficult as I expected. I think tomorrow sounds good to me, but realistically... November.

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I've had such fun these last few days. It's insane how much I really enjoy school. If you would have asked me last year or even anytime before, if I'd ever love something this much, I would have thought you were crazy. We started the kick off for our "Caper" event, which is an amazing opportunity to work with and learn from the best of the best in hair. John Paul will even be there (YAY!) which I can't even believe. We get to take hands on classes and also have a huge "white" party one of the nights. Oh have I forgot... it's in VEGAS at CEASAR'S PALACE. My God, do I deserve this...

We did skits upon skits today to get everyone excited for the event. I know I am.. but it's all the way in February. I definitely have some time to get even more excited. I work the next few days, 3 to be exact. I would love if I had a chance to go to Halloween parties, but I'm game with making some money instead. We are even allowed to dress up at work, it's funny though because our boss wants us to dress "sexy". What man doesn't want that... because I rarely know any? Which is fine, I think sexiness can be in so many different ways other than just how you dress. I'd like to think I am that different kind of sexy, because I don't fit the regular mold, which I'm totally down with. I think the sexy that men appreciate is confidence, funny and a lot of smiling. I think I make fun of myself more than I am funny, but almost there :)

I'm ready to relax and completely wrap myself in a blanket. It is FREEZING here, well cold for California, and I am definitely not ready for that. Who would have thought I would be using seat warmers out here...


Work has been going so great... I just can't wait to be busier once I work a little more. This weekend has been so unlike I had planned. I had to see a bad thing happen to one of my closest friends. I never expected to have to be there for someone like that, but I'm glad I was. I am always trying to make people feel better and be there for them no matter what. I'd like to think of myself as a really good friend, but I hope to never have to be there for someone like that again. On a good note, I was able to go to a Halloween Party with David and Sarah and had a wonderful time. I haven't been able to buy myself a costume yet. I was totally thinking of being Poison Ivy from Batman... except not the hair cones... so not attractive on me. But after the party last night, I was thinking Army Girl. I ended up being Pocahontas because I had 15 minutes to get ready, and I had the most amazing moccasins already. And yes, I didn't buy them for a costume... I wear them all of the time.

On another note, I'm planning on buying all seasons of How I Met Your Mother. I have found another great show I'm definitely going to spend my entire weekends laying in my bed watching.

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i normally go to school to kick butt and do some awesome color placement on a client. Today was not what I'd say was either. Guest Speakers are usually in the morning on Wednesday. They have been recently pretty legit, and I enjoy watching people who enjoy doing the same thing as me. This morning ended up being busy work, and we did a "scavenger hunt" which ended up taking 30 minutes for the 3 hours we had booked out for. Took a long lunch and indulged at Target. I think it is completely reasonable for a 22 year old to buy Hello Kitty collectible figurines for $7.99.....

It was my wifey's birthday today. He turned 20 and was complaining about how he "was in his twenties". What a pity... he's got 9 more years to enjoy them. After we returned from lunch, we had two guest speakers. If I would have know I would be watching a bad start to a porno, I would have probably not come back from lunch. (You know, the terrible acting scene to "set up" the plot of a porno... isn't the plot the extremely overacting of sex? Completely off subject). The guy speaker called the woman speaker "honey" and then talked about his ex wife while she cringed. The they bantered back and forth like it was foreplay. I can only assume the woman was the mistress during his ex-marriage... I'm just saying...

When I couldn't take any more of it, I left school early to relax and try to get the thought of old people "getting it on" out of my head. I went to work and enjoyed at least kicking butt there. I should be on the schedule making REAL money at the beginning of next week. (whoop there it is). It was crazy though, because I swore I saw Bud's dad eating at the restaurant with 3 other people. I've only seen pictures of him, so I couldn't be sure... but I swore it was him. I almost took a secret picture just to send it to him to ask... it was much easier to just check his credit card when they paid. I was glad to find out it wasn't, because I'd rather not be introduced while I'm sweaty from working at the restaurant. And without Bud there.

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Dear Sprint,

How are you today... What's going on? You couldn't possibly be trying to send me my phone yet, or else I would have already had it in my two hands that are currently giving you the double middle finger. Is there a reason or plan you have for not sending me it yet? Is it to prove a point of how silly human-kind looks for depending on a device less than a pound in weight? Or did I possibly do something to deserve this? Maybe I've been too lucky lately, and it was just my time? These are all questions that are LEGIT and need to be answered soon. How many more times are you going to ask me what my shipping address is? I've told you approximately 5 times... maybe more. How could you be too busy to send me a phone that I asked for more than a week ago? I had to wish my poor mom a "Happy Birthday" today through an email. How sad is that? Now I know she didn't deserve that, she's a saint!! (Anchorman reference) Plus, I'm sure that the few friends I have miss my inappropriate and silly messages or pictures I send. And I haven't even been able to update my "Year in the Life" pictures.... I CAN DO NOTHING WITHOUT MY PHONE (how pathetic). I'll shape up my attitude if you just send me my GD phone.

Love, Stephanie

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I have been lazy lazy this weekend. Thank goodness. I'm getting a chance to finally breathe after working and school. I'm excited to be busy because it will keep my mind from wandering all over the place. Plus it's something I honestly love. When I'm not busy, I wish I was. work-o-holic much?

Yesterday Sarah and I enjoyed HB's soccer game (and she whooped by the way) and her brother and his fiance's wedding shower. They are the sweetest couple, and Sarah was giving them such a hard time! I am very excited for their Nov. 7th wedding... I honestly can't say that many people don't enjoy weddings. This one will need a flask though, with the small amount of booze that will be served. I could never understand why people have DRY weddings, other than for religious reason's I guess. But even then, I don't think I would deprive my guest of a good time even if I didn't agree with it. I'm just saying...

After the shower, Sarah and I enjoyed scary movies and sweet tea vodka lemonades all evening. A late run for Mcy D's and Cherry on Top was definitely necessary. Plus we were hungry-ish. Today will include studying for my shift Monday night, and finishing my laundry. I surprisingly can see my floor now... last night was another story, but there are NO clothes on my floor. Maybe I will keep this room clean forever, maybe.

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today was Free Hug day at PMTS. All school's nationwide went out today to give magic to everyone. Winn Claybourn even showed up to show his support for the event. Although some were skeptical of our motives, many enjoyed hugs from each and everyone of us. I mean, how could you turn down a group of people with "FREE HUGS" signs? I honestly can not think of something better, and wished I could give all of my friends and family hugs because I miss them dearly. Winn also said that we should treat every person we come in contact with as if they have a tag stating "Will you make my day?" and constantly create magic. I hope I do that to most already, since I am quite the daymaker. But I will encourage myself even more.

Since today is my free day from work, I enjoyed the gym with Kendra and a delicious dinner. I STILL have seen no results from this so-called "working out". I believe it must be some sort of myth...

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this will be long... that's what she said

This weekend I enjoyed a B.W. (before work) drunk adventure that ended with a lost phone and somehow making it back to Scott's house and breaking in. I do magical things when I'm drunk, and this time was no different. Sadly, I am now left without a cellular device (again) and a hangover that lasted for more than a day. It was the last hoorah until I started into my new life A.W. (after work) similar to how life started before and after Christ.

I must not get ahead of myself... After me getting hit by a car, I have a large sized bruise that grows in size daily. It is placed nicely on the side of my calf. In school today I was even given a Victory for "not dying from getting hit by a car"... Thanks Chris.

I am mentally going a million miles a minute... physically?... I'm dead on my bed, almost. I just started my new job (YIPPIE!) yesterday and was completely overwhelmed. I wasn't really told what I was to wear/bring/do except be there at 5pm on Monday. This is tricky for someone like me, because although I wish I could claim otherwise, I love rules and when I'm told what to do. Now this is only for things such as work/school... life can suck it if I am told what I can/can't do. It was crazy realizing I know nothing of the Italian language and since this is an Italian restaurant, I could be in some trouble.

Luckily, I've found myself in a deep set of concentration. I will get all of those silly words and even possibly pronounce them right. I think I have over 50 flash cards and now a brain full of delicious food I have never tried. Except for the small amount of tiramisu I traded for a Fruit Loop Crispy Treat (thank you PMTS for forcing me to make 120 of those with half left over). Today seemed a little better, I was able to at least remember the "Specials" in my head. Let's hope my mouth will allow me to spit those out next time.

Going from school to work seems insane since I've now completely skipped dinner two nights in a row. This could be good unless I one day pass out, let's hope it stays good. I know I will get use to it, and until then, I will look at myself in the mirror morning after morning telling myself "You are absolutely crazy for actually enjoying being so busy you take less than a second to breathe".

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So to not out do myself getting into all kinds of trouble, I got hit by a car today. I was riding my bike home from the gym and a lady pulled out of an alley and BAM. It's funny because I was recently talking about how I'd like to lightly get hit by a car so I could sue and not have to get a job. Lucky me, I seem to be getting exactly what I ask for... too bad I didn't ask for Gerard Butler. And since I bruise like a peach, I can already see the formation of several bruises.. GO ME!

Tonight I'm on my way to visit Sarah for some sushi and fun. I'm definitely ready to hangout and hopefully hot tub. Plus I've never turned down some AYCE sushi...

Also, to update on my workout craze... I'm kickin ass and takin names... I can't wait to see results, but I'm sure enjoying the endorphins.

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We recently got cable.. well about 2-3 weeks ago. If I haven't already explained how much I love watching tv, I LOVE TV! I mean I fall asleep to it every night. I understand how ridiculous that sounds, but it's comforting. Before I had cable, I always listen to my ipod before bed... preferably The Postal Service. There is something about Ben Gibbard's voice that can put me into a deep sleep or turn into a sexy woman... (TMI?) Anyways, I find myself lodged in my room for hours just enjoying my reality tv friends, movies on HBO or anything on E!

Also.. drum roll... I GOT A JOB. Officially I am a working woman, which is something I can't even explain. I've looked for a job since August, and the fact that I found my job on craiglist the day before I went in for an interview is crazy enough for me. All of the time going from place to place wasn't even worth the effort. I can't believe what kind of lucky "roll" I've been on lately. I'm unaware of why I deserve this, when there are clearly more people that should be able to share the wealth with me. I shouldn't complain... because I am definitely grateful.

I think a "good job" fro yo is in my near future :)

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i officially have an interview at a restaurant near by my house! I am SUPER excited, because I've been looking forever. My horoscope even said I'd finally see some good change in my life. So far, my life has done more than enough to make me appreciate it in such a great way. But to even see myself having a job, sounds even better. I'm so lucky to have the things and people that I've accumulated over my 22 years. There isn't a day that I don't appreciate it. And maybe that's just because I know better than to think that God didn't have something to do with all of this.

Also, I'm not really sure about my Halloween plans either. Aunt Lisa might not be going anymore, and all though I'd love to see my dad, I'm thinking that I'd rather save money/make money. (and also find some time to make bad decisions.. it is Halloween!)

Power Sculpting not only kicked my ass.. it enabled me to let out any pent up anger out on my body, in a good way.

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I am lost for what I want to be for Halloween... I going to be in Vegas (woo hoo!) and I assume that I will have to go all out. I am going with my Aunt Lisa and some of her friends, along with my friend Ally and her boyfriend. There may or may not be an appearance by Bud, and I suppose my dad is going to be in town by that Sunday for work.

I'm super excited because I had a great time in Vegas the last time I snuck over there. I only went for a day/night and still really enjoyed going. I plan on being at the pool/"Rehab" everyday! The rest will have to stay there (or be blogged about when I get back...)



busy busy i have been. The funniest part, is I'm completely busy with things that I truly enjoy/love doing, which is kind of refreshing to my normal life. School today was suppose to be boring, with no clients in our books and just time to sit around and do NOTHING. Luckily we had our creative bubbles going, and gave each other "new do's" or styles. For normal people this sounds stupid or at least something that couldn't occupy someone for 7 1/2 hours... but for crazy hairstylist... it was a dream.

I heard something funny the other day from one of our speakers. She said that she's always being told how "crazy" she is, and that all hairstylist are crazy. She explained that all hairstylist probably are crazy and live such a fulfilling life because we already have the stereotype of having fun all of the time. She said she uses it to her advantage and really grabs life by the horns and doesn't let go. It made me laugh a little because I am usually called crazy at least 2 times a day. So I completely understand the crazy aspect, and quite enjoy it.

Although by the time I get home from school, I'm exhausted. And this has been only happening as of lately. Either I am lost on sleep or seriously work too hard (and I don't think it could be the second). I'm bored without a job, and need something to fill my time, and I can only go to the gym for so many times! I am seriously going insane without a job, and although I would be complaining if I actually had one.. at least I would be hoping on the money train. Please God, if I don't find a job soon, I might actually go crazy.

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