So, still no luck on the job front along with no word on the condo search either. I have two more places to go today and hopefully will be putting in offers this afternoon. I'm getting so skittish just waiting for a job, a condo, school to start, etc. It's almost ridiculous on a new level.

Just saw Terminator Salvation last night with my aunt. It was mind-blowing, action crazed, had a seizure watching it type of movie. I am some times skeptical about movies like that, but i love Christian Bale (he's a whole lot of hotness) and it was for sure worth the $10. Yes, $10 for a movie... maybe California is really trying to rob me for all I'm worth. But I'd for sure recommend that movie to anyone.

I'm on my way to church with my "roommates" in just a few minutes. I joined the choir, which is pretty exciting for me personally. I'm definitely one to think I rock at singing when I'm by myself, and then suck when I'm in front of others (on a side note: I guess when I was karaokein g a few nights ago, I though I rocked... jumping on the speakers and all). So my first rehearsal is this Wednesday. Hopefully they like what I can bring to the table.


Well at least the search for jobs have begun. Only one final interview though, which isn't bad considering I'm competing with about 700 other kids my age for serving jobs. Crossing my fingers that this one will work though, totally cool brewery place less than a minute from my gma's. All the great beer I can't even dream of, they even have a great cider for my more girlie days!

Last night I went with my cousin Jamie and our new friend Sarah to get our drink on, but also enjoy the Dodgers beat the Cubbies. Such a sweet victory! Things for sure got out of hand when we received shot after shot from some "secret admirer's" (funniest thing we find out it was actually Sarah all along, just trying to get us drunk I assume). After good beer & good food, we were off to Karaoke. Sarah didn't make it pass the happy hour, so me & my cousin rocked the bar. I of course karaokes. It's my favorite thing to do ever, hands down. After a little bit of bring back No Doubt (which would be actually awesome if they made some new stuff!) we made our walk home in the what I can only describe as "the worst weather I've seen in California yet". Sprinkling, Cold weather, Yuck. I'll look forward to a nice day in the near future.

Now off to watch the Lakers hopefully take tonight, and bring us to the finals :)

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Now is the time for me to stop enjoying this so called "free" time, and start looking for a job. I'm sadly seeing my money deplete (very fastly I might add) from my bank account. Since I've waitressed so much, I usually enjoy having too much cash on me. Today, I have 10 dollars in my wallet, and it's looking very lonely by it's self. I know the job market is slow everywhere, but I'm going to use what God & my parents' gave me, even if it just gets me in the door :) Then my amazing talent (haha) as a waitress or my references can do the rest.

Today, I'll apply at 8 different places close to school & my current residence. Hopefully they will just hire me on the spot, but more realistically, I'll be out again tomorrow applying at 5 more places a little farther away. It seems so rediculous, but I've never really gone to an interview. Either I knew the owner/manager well enough that they didn't even bother asking me questions, or one of my friends slip their name to get me a job. So (1) being in a new place and (2) having to have a REAL interview, scares the crap out of me. I'm sweating bullets even now just thinking about it. Hopefully the normal rejection wont get my spirits down, because I will have a job by next week, no matter what. Wish me luck!



Yesterday was filled with great things, as I have come to find out, all things in California are great. Even the Bud Light tastes better, as I found out last night. We went to look at more condos and visit one of my favorite restaurants in Cali, Wahoo's Fish Tacos. If you've never had the chance to taste the glory that is Wahoo's... you're definitely missing out! Plus me & my aunt are making it our new happy hour with their $1.85 beers of the month. It's funny to think I paid $1.50 for an iced tea!

I also am in the process of finding a new church. I figure it can get my head clear at the end of the long weeks ahead of me. Plus I'm a sucker for good music, good people, and a good word. So far I've at least found a good option. I've also come to find out that we drink at all times of the day here. Sangria for lunch, Bud's during the game, Margs at night, more Bud's during Mortal Kombat the video game. It's so funny, and so amazing at the same time... especially when my grandparents (aka my roomies) are the ones to start all this nonsense.

I was able to get out of the house to visit with my cousin David & meet his girlfriend. I'm not great at pool, but we sure played a lot of it. And we even beat David.. once! And if I've ever felt so old for being 22, was during the lame excuse for a "frat" party. I got in trouble every time I called it a Frat and not a Fraternity. So Cal Frats are So Lame. Plus they all looked about 18 years old and didn't even have a keg. I guess that somethings I don't care to get use to, especially since I could care less about Greek Life (no offense). After we left, the 3 hours worth of Mario Kart & Mortal Kombat definitely made up for the lameness. Especially now that I know the special moves for Sub Zero & Scorpion.

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I have been super busy! (plus my Internet on my computer doesn't work..sad)
but I'm here, finally :) Sunny California welcomed me well, and so far this was the best thing to happen to me yet (minus my ipod dying on me the first day I get here) We've spent so much time on looking at places and making offers, I am just hoping that everything will eventually fall into place. There is so much about the real estate business I never knew, but I've been quick to find out that with the market the way it is, I'll be lucky when I finally get a place of my own. My room in my grandparent's place has almost been completely finished. Once my car gets here (if it ever does!!) I will officially be moved in to my temp housing. It's a pretty good deal to just make dinner once a week as rent! I haven't done much of the crazy, outdoorsy, fun, exciting things yet. I'm still worried about finding a job or how long it will take to get to school with traffic! school starts in 2 weeks from Tuesday, I am just super excited. Finally being able to get to start beauty school is amazing. Its less surreal and more real than it has been in the past now that I'm officially a California Resident.

My recent goal has been to get my aunt to be excited about working out. I signed up at 24 hour fitness (biggest loser here I come!) and they have tons and tons of classes to go to. We both went to a "Zumba" class, which is more or less like Salsa/Reggae dancing with cardio. I felt like I was at the club! haha. It was also my cousin David's Grad party so me & my roommates (ha) went to congratulate him. Luckily he already has a career, but it's so exciting to see friends/family accomplish their goals. Next year around this time, I'll be throwing myself a party for my graduation :) here & at home probably.

Lakers won last night after a crazy close game. It must have been from the family putting on every type of Laker apparel/souviner that we owned, including a Lakers pancho. Yes, We are so mexican.

I do miss my friends though, even though I only saw most of them the few weeks before I left. I hope to have a lot of visitors once I get my own place, lots of parties! But until then, I'll just soak up the sun & enjoy the non-humid run in my near future.

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It's official. My sweet baby "aka my car" is shipping off to California today. It's filled with a lot of my things, so I'm already partially in California as we speak. Too exciting. Today I plan on packing basically ALL my clothing. This could become a problem, because half of my clothing is dirty (like I said, laundry is no bueno) and I never know what I'm going to wear. Even if it's only for 3 days... I can't just pick out 3 outfits and that's it! I also packed ALL of my swimsuits. ALL. And they are in my car, under EVERY item we packed. So I suppose I will be making a visit to Target to get a new bathing suit when I get there. The car wont be in California for 9 days from now, so I'm pretty sure we will be getting a car there for the week. It's weird because it still doesn't really feel like I'm moving. It's like 3 days & counting but I feel like I'm going on an amazing vaca that may end up being for a while.

Luckily, my family & the people I have met will keep me occupied. And a few of my really good friends are planning visits already! Without a set place of my own, we'll postpone those trips, but once I'm a first time home owner, let the party begin! Things I still have to get done before I move include:
1. Laundry
2. Packing & weighing suitcases with clothing
3. Finding a place for all of my toiletries
4. Cleaning up my room for the padres, construction starts in T minus 2 weeks for our house
5. Print out my Resume

The BBQ was a blast last night, I'm glad that my few close friends made it! I think the Too Much Sangria + the Large Amount of Guac = Me in a Hungover/Food Coma. Also, as sad as this is, my hands are KILLING me from the "band" getting back together. The "Cradle Robbers" played for hours last night :) Hopefully these pains will end soon, so I can get outside for a run.


I have a goal. I will have a rockin' bod by the end of June. Now I wish I could have one by tomorrow, but I'm going to try and be realistic. This is not just something I've come up with, and I am aware of what I will look like next to the California Bombshells already (help me God), but so far I look the same after working out for months. Except I can run a lot farther than before.

I figure I will just run myself silly & do the p90x that my friend Savannah told me about. Thank goodness for Limewire, because I am downloading those asap, for free. I am constantly stealing music from that bad boy, and could possibly be outing myself to the CIA as we speak. But I love it. Supposedly, Demi Moore is all about p90x too... haha. And I will not even touch a dessert. Goodbye my sweet tooth, bring me a bowl of fruit! Alright, well maybe ONCE a week. This may sound durastic, but this planet surrounding my core is durastic as well. Soon I will be beach bound and looking smokin' like Alessandra Ambrosio (Minus the belly ring, so 5 years ago).



The countdown has basically begun. Only a week until I move. It seems so crazy that I'm just picking up & leaving, but it feels awesome. I think I've been putting off a lot of things just because I know part of me is going to miss the Midwest (a very small part), mostly due to my family & friends. Though today has completely made me ready to leave, it's absolutely down pouring outside. Now I know it "rains" in CA, but I mean... common... not like this! I think when I finally do move, and my mom leaves from her week visit to move me out there, it's going to be a little sad. I feel it now partially, but I know that this is my dream & it's going to come true.

This summer I plan on doing tons of awesome things I wouldn't dare do, at least not Midwestern Stephanie. I get 166 hours of school I can miss for almost any reason, and I plan on making those reasons somewhat legit. I'm basically scared of any & everything that could partially be life-threatening. I some how put spiders in this same category, but that is even a mystery to me too. I will get over my fears, I mean isn't that something you should do in a new setting? I'm already in love with the outdoors, so I will make it official that I go hiking or road-trip on my weekends off. Which isn't even scary, but on those trips I'll force myself to do some sort of new thing; surfing, kayaking (... yup I'm scared of that), long boarding, etc. Also my cousin Mike thinks he'll trick me into riding a roller coaster. Now I'd like to see if he can even make me budge on that, but I'll consider it, even if my lunch ends up all over us.

I don't have to be a daredevil, and that's not what I plan, but I plan on having the time of my life and meeting all types of new people. Those 166 hours will be used wisely, or maybe not wisely, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it.


Luckily today has been overall a wonderful day. I'm 22 and happy about my next adventures in life. I got wonderful gifts from my family (Costco card!! Oh My Gosh!!) and enjoyed time with them. Now as I'm on my way out the door to meet my wonderful friends, I can't help but think about one thing. I had a little side-track. We went to dinner at my absolute favorite restaurant. It's just a tiny tapas restaurant close to my parents' house. To my surprise, there was a terribly familiar face that started walking to greet us at the door. Now my past is a novel in itself, but with so many words; I saw the person that temporarily ruined my life just a few years ago. Not only did I see him, he was our waiter. And was being all "chummy & buddy-buddy with my family". Regardless of who I am today, the strong person I think I am dwindled away for the hour & a half we were there. Even now, I'm more angry about the situation because I've given time to brew.

The rest of the night will not be wasted though, at least on stupid things like this. I plan on having my close friend "Vodka" near me all night to cheer me up.

Mother's Day is tomorrow, & I'm proud to say that my mom rocks.


I think I've realized who my true friends are. Especially now that I'm moving & my recent break up. I was planning on maybe having a going away bbq at my house, nothing big, just grill out with beer & sangria. To my "not so" surprise, a lot of my friends have excuses. I am all about the excuses, I give them constantly so I don't have to do things I don't want. I just wish they were possibly more legit, or at least tell me the truth. "I can't come to your party because we weren't really friends to begin with" would have been better. I'm over it, and this move is better than I realized. Now my real friends will get a chance to say good bye and visit as often as they would like (as soon as I have a legit place, not my grandparent's guest room).

So far still no word back on any of the places we put offers on. I don't know what I expected with the real estate these days, but I was pretty sure I would have heard back from at least 1 of the places by now. One place has to go through all of their offers in 7 days, so I plan on hopefully starting the processes of closing a condo after that.

Also, news broke that my boy Manny Ramirez tested positive for an "un-named, but not Roids" type of drug. I honestly don't have any answers that I'm looking for. Especially since I'm dying to know what drug it was. It's at least keeping my brain busy while I starting getting my things together. My car is being shipped on Wednesday, and I haven't even begun to think about what I really need. I'm sure I'll figure it out, but this is more frustrating because my room is a complete dump right now. I still haven't unpacked from my trip to California almost 2 weeks ago. And the water damage from the fast melting snow this year (thanks a lot mother nature) is quite annoying because of the huge hole in my wall & missing carpet. I'm an underachiever when it comes to unpacking though, or doing laundry. I hate laundry. The funny part about that, is I love folding clothes and hanging them up. I just hate waiting for them to be ready.

On the bright side, Lakers won last night after giving me a heart attack in the 2nd & 3rd quarter. 1-1 series so far, but I'm not settling until we win.

I plan on keeping myself busy for the next less than 2 weeks with finishing up work & enjoying the time I have left with my friends & family. Especially my dogs. & my cat who will secretly find his way into my suitcase.


2 quite annoying things occurred to me: the Laker's have decided to give Houston the first game (Idiots) & I am no where close to finding my dream place (let alone ANY place). There is nothing I can do about the Laker's, so its a lost cause if they throw it all away. But I think I've been ultra stressed out recently about moving because everything isn't as perfect as I expected. My mom & I try to make it more fun by going to Ikea, which is my absolute favorite place... well tied with Costco. I can imagine me having a place eventually, but I honestly will not believe it until it happens.

I've been just trying to keep myself busy, so me and my brother, Eric, went to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. It was super funny, Seth Rogan for sure made the movie. I needed something to make me laugh so hard, and Eric & I did. We thought we were the only people in the theatre, but after a few "shushes" we realized we were not alone. I never realized how expensive 3D movies are though. It was $12.25 for each ticket with the 3D glasses, so we definitely stole the glasses. We had to get our money's worth! Now we're gonna rock them constantly.

I've also made myself go on a semi-strict diet for the next 15 days before I move. I figure I have to be in "pretend shape" before I get there, or at least trick my mind into thinking a salad is as good as a Double Cheeseburger for Mcy D's (yummmm). I've downloaded a large amount of fast paced music to make me keep working out, which sounds like blah right now. Since I don't have any CD's in the house, I went through our 90's cd collection.. found an amazing MTV's Party Funk 1, or something of that nature, and realized how much I loved that CD. I will carry this CD with me on my move to Cali, and when I'm working out I'll be jammin' to "Come & Ride the Train" and "I love you, always forever, near or far, closer together" techno mix. Too much... absolutely too much.

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Before I go to sleep, i have a new found love. Priscilla Ahn is amazing, literally listen to her music. I'm totally all about the singer/songwriter artist, it makes me feel like regardless of my stage fright, I could do more than sing "Don't Speak" during the weekly Karaoke night.


I am getting more excited for California as the day grows near... I only have 18 more days! My dad set up the flight today, so it's official. I'll even be there for Memorial Day so I can hang out with some of my new friends I met at the wedding hopefully! Last week I was in California, which was amazing. My grandparents, aunt, dad & I went and looked at some condo's in OC. It seemed more real every time I went to a new place. This whole year of saving will really help out with the down payment :) We also went to The Paul Mitchell Academy to show my dad how great of a place it is. He's sold on it so far, so I can thank the school for that! Similar to how I was in college, I am already on the hunt for "Paul Mitchell: The School" clothing. I already enjoy window shopping online, now I have a reason to finally purchase some of this stuff. Also from looking online, I have found that me and John Paul have more than our love for hair in common...(me & JP throwing it up)
and he's not drunk. I am an advid "throw up the peace sign because you think your cool" thing. Except John Paul is actually cool. I appreciate that it's almost the perfect school for me, we both love rescuing animals too. Which is like the #1 reason why my mom likes him. And I always thought that he was Paul Mitchell, like just used his middle and last name, but his last name isn't Mitchell. Ha, I guess he started Paul Mitchell with his friend Paul Mitchell, but he died so JP took it over. Confusing.. oh well.

Anyways, I'm super excited for the upcoming times:
1. Savannah & Tisleen come home :)
2. I'm done at Zaidi's Restaurant the 8th (Yippie! I hate that job)
3. My upcoming Birthday & Macarena Tapas (May 9th!)
4. Packing & shipping my car
5. Hearing that I own a place (I hope...)
6. Working out everyday until I move (ha. I wont enjoy that)
7. Last day at the Salon (I will actually miss that)
8. Enjoying my last few days with my friends :)
9. My mom & I flying to Cali!

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