I have become terrible at remembering to write down my thoughts. It's times like these were I am done getting ready for school at 7:35 am that I realize, "I think I'll blog". I'm excited for what God has put in front of me in the near near future and all of the opportunities I have received already. I am going to be a model in a hair fashion show! Now not a "anorexic, tiny, should eat something, but hot" model, but a model nonetheless. It is for a salon that is putting on a fashion show and I got picked out of my core class.

Also I have been meeting some of the most amazing people and I've only lived here for a month. The guys and girls in my school are totally rad, and people from my work/church are pretty cool too. Just hanging out with a few of them already, I am excited for these new friendships. My choir for church is putting out a CD too, and I might get to do a solo. I am not the type to toot my own horn at singing, but if I even get the chance to do one, I'll know I deserved it. I think I should learn how to read music though, if that day does ever come.

We have a "dream board" due on Friday for school. Basically if you physically look at your dreams every day, there is a higher chance that they will come true. It's cool because I still have a lot of the same dreams I have always had but a lot of new things I would love in my life. It's got me thinking about what I truly wish for my life:
1. Pass State boards 1st time
2. Travel after I graduate
3. Work in a fashion show (check!)
4. Find love
5. my own Bravo TV Show

The list is endless, and I plan on completing ALL of my dreams :)

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Today was another day at school... less exciting than normal because we had to learn theory of color. It's cool to find out things about color and mixing but sitting for hours upon hours taking notes off a whiteboard! And we write with markers because supposedly we learn 20% more than if you just write notes in pen. I already feel smarter than I did in college, and definitely know I made a better decision going to beauty school. It's a good fit. Also, I'm pretty sure during this week I will have my first experiments with color, and since I won a facial (woo hoo) for our skin academy, I will definitely be using that as well.

Tomorrow, instead of going to school, we are having a scavenger hunt and going to take pictures of all the things we have to find. We get hours for hanging out and probably going to happy hour after it's all said and done! I'm sure it will be fun, and I've already met some really cool people so it will be nice to hangout outside of school.

My schedule for work is all screwed up this week, so I'm pretty sure that I'll be working 1 night at least. I was hoping to help replenish my bank account this week, but no such luck yet. Now time for movies into the wee hours of the night (or True Blood, I can't decide!) even though I'll be getting ready for school at 6:40am.

P.S. Laker's are the CHAMPIONS! Has a nice "RING" to it :)

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I have had more than my share of a busy schedule this week. So busy that I am actually typing this while I wait in my car at a red light. Although I definitely need a nap for a whole day, this has already been one of my best weeks ever, in school I was able to use my AMAZING skills in updo's and prove I'm already at the top of my class (I will post some pictures tomorrow) I've already made a few good friends too just through school and surprisingly there has been NO cattiness even with 16 girls in the room, also every single girl has found a new way to "love God" because one of our core leaders looks like a new styled, HOT Jesus. Pretty lucky to be in a profession with over 80% girls.

I am also at the end of my training at BJ's tonight, so I can FINALLY make some moolah! It's weird living in a state where servers make $8/hr plus tip and HAVE TO take a 30 minute break to eat (required by law) before you work for 5 hours. I love California! I haven't had anytime to do much other than school, work, and my church's music ministry... So hopefully eventually I will have time for myself without having a mental breakdown first. 

I also finally got a new phone; the Palm Pre. It's super bomb and way way way better than the iPhone, tomorrow's my only full day off so I plan to be in PJ's for a while, do lunch with my other gmoney's (grandparents) and margs for happy hour. Hallelujah!


First day of work today... except it's not even at my job. I'm helping my cousin launch his new company and in return I get paid & free appitizers :) the food actually sounds better right about now. Tonight is the actual start of my training at BJ's. Super pumped for sure because everyday my money gets smaller & smaller and I'm bored doing nothing all day.

School starts on Tuesday, so everything will hopefully fall into place before then. The loan company accidently sent me the check for my tuition, and I had plenty of ideas of what I could do with that money. Me and my aunt decided we could double it in Vegas and it would be well worth it! It's weird that everything is just starting, and I think I've really realized that I live here now. Haven't had a sad day yet though, so this was definitely the right move. It's almost like a starting over, and so far it's been great.

Me & Sarah met a Kelly Slater look-a-like at one of the bars we were at Thursday afternoon. And he even said he'd teach us (aka just me because Sarah can rock the board) to surf if we ever wanted. That day was insane with the amount of Margarita's that were sipped on, and we even played Wii Bowling at the bar too... with 2 high school graduate girls from AZ. Oh to be in high school again.

I'm considering getting a new phone today too, the new Palm Pre came out and I've been waiting months for it. Palms are definitely > lame iPhones. It will be weird though if they make me change my area code to OC because I don't know if I'm ready to give up all that's left of my old life. Maybe today will be the day i cry.

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Today has probably been the best day ever since I moved (by far)...

1. I have found another TV series to become addicted to and of course it is on my favorite channel of all time, HBO. True Blood is so amazing, maybe because HBO honestly doesn't give two nickels about what can be considered "inappropriate behavior". It could also be because I have a mild addiction to anything that has to do with vampires! I also bought the first book at Costco (the best store ever) because it's a book series too. I'll have to see if it's any good. I plan on watching every episode I can find though to keep me from anxiously waiting for New Moon to come out.

2. I went for my final interview at a local restaurant/brewery this afternoon. Finding a job is always so stressful, considering I've been a spending maniac for the past two weeks. The interview took FOREVER and I honestly didn't think I would have time to go look at other restaurants today. Well it didn't matter anyways because I GOT THE JOB! I know that sometimes people get offered jobs because of what you look like, etc. etc. but I honestly think I got hired because of my experience. Either way, it's amazing that I got a job within two weeks of living here, and it's at a brewery! Good beer all the time is something I can definitely get used to.

3. Went to look at a few more condos today too and found two more places I'm going to put offers on. That will basically be the icing on the cake when I finally get a place of my own, but so far we're going in the right direction. One of the places has at least reviewed my offer (which is supposedly a great thing) so I'll hopefully hear back in a few weeks!

4. Tonight was also my first rehearsal with my new church's music group. I am not one who reads music, I basically listen and repeat what I hear. This is where the day turned ugly because regardless of what I consider a talent, turned into a joke almost. Luckily the people there are super nice and didn't even notice (yeah right) that I sounded terrible, or I mouthed the words just so I didn't have to hear myself suck. Worse even, all of the new people had to meet with our music director one-on-one so he can see what each voice can do for the group. I'm not one to step right up and sing, I become a nervous wreck and sweat out like 7 lbs easily when I have to sing/speak in front of anyone. To my surprise, the music director loved me so much that he "can't wait to hear me do solos". Completely a surprise but a good one, I can't wait :)

Tomorrow has a lot to live up to considering today rocked the socks off any day.

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After checking out confessionsofanenginerd blog on how sweets are the little bit of devil in all of us, it reminded me of my own demons. Since moving to Cali, and even about the month before, I've been in work out mode constantly. I have also tried to eat better, even giving up the ever glorious dessert. I think candy was the hardest part... for some reason I can't even get enough sour candy, even when my taste buds go numb. I also joined 24 hour fitness and have definitely gone EVERYDAY (I'm impressed myself) and you get one free training session and a nutrition layout from one of their trainers when you sign up. I decided to get my nutrition layout today and figured my good eating would be exactly what I need to stay trim. I was wrong, on so many levels.

There is one thing I will never give up, and that was one of the biggest things on the "No list". NO ALCOHOL! So this seems like I'm an alcoholic, which at times I may walk a thin line, but I love just sitting out in my pool or our patio and sipping on the deliciousness of summer. Also my favorite time of day will go to a waste, how can you do a Happy Hour without being Happy? My aunt and I have come up with so many awesome fresh fruit mojitos & margaritas. How can I possibly give that up?! The trainer said that I shouldn't have more than 2 drinks a night, only once or twice a week. Once I start school, that will probably seem more realistic, but wtf. I think I'd rather be fat on some sort of level.

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